Open Address File UK

Response to call for evidence on geospatial opportunities

Background The UK government’s Geospatial Commission has published a call for evidence on geospatial opportunities across the the economy. This is our response. In it we:   Focus on geospatial reference data – things like address data, unique identifiers, and official registers – rather than the broader topic of location data. Highlight the global trend […]

Some of the problems bad address data cause

A picture of a street in Exeter with a missing house, CC-BY-SA Anthony Vosper Our work to improve the UK’s address data is not only motivated by the future social and economic benefits, but also by a desire to fix the very real problems that the UK’s bad address data causes. When we launched […]

Briefing: 2022 consultation on the National Underground Asset Register

1. Background: the consultation The Geospatial Commission is part of the Cabinet Office and sets the UK’s geospatial strategy. The National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) forms part of this strategy. NUAR is intended to be ‘​​a digital map of all underground pipes and cables’. The strategy argues that ‘a national approach [to underground asset mapping] […]